3 Ways To Overcome Overstimulation As An Adult

No matter what stage of adulthood you are in, you're bound to become stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, overstimulated, etc. at some point. 


You may reach a point where you so desperately desire for an actual moment of silence so you can think clearly and catch your breath. 
Take that moment , whatever you need to do, take that moment of silence for yourself. 
Parents , leave the kids safely at home with a neighbor or your spouse and take a walk alone around the block.
Fellow military spouses I completely understand that's not always an option. So when the kids are in bed for the night set your phone down and take a hot shower or something you enjoy that relaxes you. 
Take a moment to breathe and recollect yourself. 
Your mind may be racing with the never ending checklist of things that need to be done. 
BUT your mental health is so much more important than that to do list. 
Your daily ability to function happily will improve drastically when you take time for yourself. 
Start with just 10 minutes a day, if that's all you have. 
•Wash your face (yes that sounds simple , but you'll feel refreshed trust me) 
• Take a stroll around the block 
Fresh air is truly a mood booster 
• Fuel your body with nutritious foods. 
You will feel so much better from the inside out when you choose wholesome foods over the processed junk. 
One small change consistently at a time.
It doesn't happen all at once , it comes one step at a time.